Amnesia Roses

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Conditioning Amnesia Roses

Amnesia Roses, with their strong stems and mystical flowers, are a joy to behold and will enhance every surrounding. Please follow these care tips to get the most out of your Amnesia Roses:

  • Cut the Amnesia Rose stems at a 45 degree angle with a sharp knife. (Don't use scissors, as this will crush the stems & prevent water intake).
  • Remove the lower foliage.
  • Carefully remove the thorns, trying not to scrape or cut through the bark. Investing in a rose stripper is always a good idea!
  • Fill clean buckets with hot water & sterilising solution.
  • When sterilised, tip out the water & replace with tepid water & flower food.
  • Place the Amnesia Roses in the bucket - submerged in deep water to just below the flower heads.
  • Leave over night to hydrate - they will be ready to work with in the morning.
  • Do not leave the Amnesia roses near a radiator, close to fruit, in direct sunlight or in a draughty place.

Top Tip!

The outer petals of Amnesia Roses are called 'guard petals'. These petals are often darker in colour and thicker than the other petals. For a lovely fresh look, carefully remove them with your fingers.

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