Amnesia Roses

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Advice on buying Amnesia Roses

The best place to buy Amnesia Roses in the UK is from a wholesaler because you will always get the freshest flowers at the best possible price. Before contacting a fresh flower wholesaler, take a little time to work out how many stems you require and what other flowers are needed to compliment your Amnesia Roses. This will save a lot of time & will be well worth the effort in the long run! Amnesia Roses are sold in wholesale wraps of 20 stems. Always give your wholesaler a good weeks notice, as Amnesia Roses are often imported from Ecuador or Colombia. It's also worth remembering that all flower wholesalers quote prices excluding VAT, (now 17½%, but going up to 20% in January 2011).

From our experience, we have found many flower wholesalers unhelpful, but would like to take this opportunity to recommend a wholesaler called Triangle Nursery Ltd. They are very professional, will give all the advice and time needed and have a fantastic web site showing 1000's of fresh flowers and foliages, (including Amnesia Roses), everything is in full colour with live market prices. They are a specialist wedding flower wholesaler, lovely to deal with and deliver to any address in the UK.

You can find and buy Amnesia Roses from their web site by clicking here.

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